Dog & Grog Jog in Providence, RI


Last Sunday afternoon it was down to Providence, Rhode Island for the Dog & Grog Jog hosted at the Wild Colonial Tavern in the heart of downtown Providence.

This race is like none other. If you have done a really race before you sort of understand the gist: run your leg and then your partner takes off and the first team to finish wins. However, the Dog & Grog Jog adds a little excitement to the mix. Teams are made up of four runners and our team (named Corned Beef and Kapusta paying homage to the Irish and Polish lineages of the team members) heard about what to expect at the relay and conquered the challenge with some smiles and belching.

You see, runners run 1.25 miles, a quick jaunt along one of the Providence canals and rather pancake flat running at that. Once the runner has completed the 1.25 mile run they then have to eat a saugy (a remarkably delicious hot dog) and drink a ‘Gansett before the next runner can go. The hot dog actually was not all that bad to get down but the ‘Gansett was a bit more tricky. Some runners were extreme in their techniques of conquering the challenge and others were quite precise in putting condiments on the dog, sipped the beer like a nice summer day on a porch or had to adjust their costume before taking on the dog and beer. You see, the race also features some pretty awesome costumes ranging from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Duck Dynasty, Glam Clams to Beach Bums and cereal characters to bumble bees.

Let it be known that next year, we likely will be back with a new name, some costumes and our eyes on taking down more and more teams. If anyone wants to assist with the training, please reach out for my mailing address to send packs of saugys and cases of Narragansett.