Race Recaps

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Were you able to get a Turkey Trot in?

Last Sunday I made my way to Mansfield, Massachusetts for the Red, White & Blue 5K. The weather was pretty gross with a rain gracing the course the entire time but at least the temperatures were somewhat moderate. The race took place in an industrial/office park which featured gradual inclines throughout the race.

While running, I could see the first and second place males ahead of me and felt rather comfortable while running. I knew I was running pretty well and because of a somewhat smaller entry field knew that I had some space between me and the fourth place male. I began to coast a little bit into the race and focused on finishing the race strong. Unfortunately, there was no water stop available on the course which even for 5K races I think is a must. I finished the race with a time of 24:33, good for 7:54/miles and good to take home third place male finisher. Heading home with the third place prize, I also took home a $25 gift card for Marathon Sports.


The Red , White & Blue 5K supported Fisher House Foundation, an amazing organization that supports veterans in need of medical care. I first became exposed to Fisher House Foundation when I ran the Marine Corps Marathon for them several years ago and appreciate all the work they do on behalf of our veterans.

For Thanksgiving, Mrs. Running Griffin and I picked up the babysitter at 7AM and took the Lil’ Griffins with us to our race in Braintree, Massachusetts which kicked off nice and early at 8AM.

The 18th Annual Braintree High School Athletic Association Turkey Day 5K features a great race that brought a nice crowd of runners out to burn some pre-Thanksgiving meal calories. The course started and finished at Braintree High School and took runners on a loop through the neighborhood abutting the high school. There were some nice hills mixed into the course, particularly in the final mile, which required a little extra kick heading up them. Though the course was open to traffic, a nice early start on Thanksgiving morning kept the roads quite clear of traffic and Braintree Police patrolled the course to ensure runner safety.

I finished the Braintree High School Athletic Association Turkey Day 5K with a time of 24:08, good for 7:48/miles, an improvement over the time I finished the Red, White & Blue 5K with. A great morning of running followed by a nice, warm coffee to warm up and a great Thanksgiving dinner complete with food, football on the TV and feet up on the couch!

The Frosty Five in Mansfield, MA


The Frosty Five in Mansfield, Massachusetts has a way of living up to its name. Sponsored by Marathon Sports, the Frosty Five is a great 5K race that benefits the Mansfield High School Cross Country teams. The race time temperatures were downright cold and a steady wind really helped add some added chill to the air before runners made their way off of the starting line.

The race takes place in an office park for the most part and the course is quite flat. The very slight decline and incline mixed into the race is barely noticeable however comes about midway into the out-and-back course. Adding to the run was a flock of wild turkeys alongside the road curiously starting at all the crazies running by in such cold temperatures. A water stop was present at the half-way turning point. Huge kudos go out to the Mansfield Police Department who meticulously patrolled the course ensuring runners’ safety at the handful of intersections mixed into the course.

Prior to race time I checked how my time looked from the last time I did this race while trying to stay warm inside our vehicle and when I saw how well I did I thought to myself, “Not sure I’ll be beating that time today.” However, once out on the course I felt quite good and the running legs felt strong and loose. I actually did beat my course record for this race and finished with a time of 22:16, good for 7:10/miles.

The Jamie Fund 5K

ImageThis morning it was up to Mansfield, Massachusetts for The Jamie Fund 5K. The Jamie Fund Organization believes it is important to educate typically developing children about acceptance of the special needs children in their communities. The star of the day was Jamie, for whom the fund is named, who performed a flawless rendition of the Star Spangled Banner!

The race time temperature at 10AM was absolutely perfect with the sun shining bright and temperatures in the 70s. The race started and finished at a school so there was plenty of parking available and good room for a pre-run warmup. Special thanks to Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine for a pre-run stretching that certainly was beyond needed.

The course was a great 5K loop that was well staffed by both the Mansfield Police Department and race volunteers. There was a water stop at both Mile 1 and Mile 2 which was a nice bonus as several 5K races only opt for one water stop. The course took runners through residential side streets away from significant amounts of traffic for the most part and the trees along these residential roads provided a nice shade cover to the morning sun.

The final mile of the race was a rather noticeable uphill climb before it flattened out heading back into the finish line.

I finished The Jamie Fund 5K with a great time of 22:51 or 7:21/miles.

If you are looking for a great organization to support, please visit The Jamie Fund’s website by clicking here.

The Jamie Fund 5K Road Race and Walk


ImageRegistration is now open for The Jamie Fund 5K Road Race & Walk. Please join The Running Griffin at this race to be held in Mansfield, Massachusetts on August 24, 2013. You can click here to register online.

The Jamie Fund Organization believes it is important to educate typically developing children about acceptance of the special needs children in their communities. They endeavor to create and maintain an infrastructure which would provide the opportunity for others to participate in our existing programs and/or develop similar initiatives meeting the criteria of our charter. Additionally, they endeavor to provide programs, tools, funds and training for effective development of these programs wherever likeminded individuals and communities need them.

The Jamie Fund was created to help make a difference, first in Mansfield and then throughout other cities and towns that face similar issues and do not know where to turn for help.

So be sure to register for The Jamie Fund 5K Road Race and Walk today and I look forward to running with you there to support this great cause!