St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry 5K


Last weekend in Middleborough, Massachusetts the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry 5K took place on another pristine fall weekend. The weather was clear and was a touch warm for the latter part of September but given the fact the shovels will be out before we know it, no complaints here!

The Food Pantry 5K is a very well-organized race that does a great job raising funds and food for the local food pantry in Middleborough. In addition to the registration fee, runners are encouraged to bring cans of food to the race to help stock the shelves of the food pantry and it was nice to see the boxes at registration filling up quickly!

The race course is a loop 5k course and there were two water stops on the course which came in handy given the warmer temperatures. After a downhill start, runners head into a rolling residential route as they make their way back to the school grounds where the race started. The race finishes on a Heartbreak Hill-esque uphill into the finish line and the calves were working double duty as they headed up the hill and battled against the heat. A young lad tossing his cookies on the hill made for a quick mental hurdle to get past but I finished the race one foot in front of the other and did alright battling up the hill.

I finished the Food Pantry 5K with a time of 25:23 or 8:10/miles.