Winter Classic in Cambridge


This morning it was off to Cambridge, Massachusetts for the Winter Classic Road Race. The race is part of the Cambridge Classic series which offers a package of races throughout the year taking runners through Cambridge followed by a significant post-race party complete with fresh and free beer from Jack’s Abby Brewery.

I’ve taken part in several of the Cambridge Classic road races and the course is quite crowded with runners and the course is never going to be one that you are going to PR on just given the sheer volume of people tackling the race course. The race course today, unfortunately, was extended from the normal 5K course to a 3.45 mile course due to the Cambridge Police Auxiliary cruiser leading the way making a wrong turn in the first mile of the race.

Huge kudos to the race director for immediately having an email blasted out to all race participants admitting to the error and apologizing for the error. Having run the course before, it was apparent where things went wrong so having the RD step up and take ownership of the issue was smart.

I completed the Cambridge Winter Classic 3.45 mile race with a time of 27:27, good for 7:57/miles. That extra .35 miles made the Hoponius Union from Jack’s Abby taste all that much better!