Register Today for Pam’s Run


Registration is now open for Pam’s Run and having run this race in the past I assure you that this is a great race you will want to check out. With both a 5K and 10K option, Pam’s Run offers something for every runner and coupled with the fact that the race benefits a great cause be sure sign up for this annual fall run today! This race is held on October 20th and discount entry fees are now available!

Run through the streets of Wayland, Massachusetts, Pam’s Run has an absolutely brilliant New England course and is a remarkably scenic fall run that is a must-run for those looking for a great course packed with autumn foliage.

All proceeds from Pam’s Run support Neighbor Brigade. Neighbor Brigade establishes community-specific networks of volunteers that can be mobilized to help residents facing sudden crisis manage day-to-day tasks such as meal preparation, rides, and basic household chores. Using web-based coordination tools, we manage recipient requests and the recruitment of volunteers to fulfill those requests sensitively, quickly and free of charge.

In addition to the 5K and 10K option, there are also kids races available so the event is truly a great morning of running for the entire family! After the race, food and live music is available for everyone to enjoy.

In the past I have run the 10K option at Pam’s Run and a previous 5 mile option, as well. Here is a race recap from the 10K so you can get a feel for what to expect and get excited for this race! Definitely one to add to your race calendar today!

To register for Pam’s Run, please click here. Be sure to also give them a “Like” on Facebook here.


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Race 4 Research 5K


The ALS Therapy Development Institute is the top non-profit biotechnology organization dedicated to developing effective treatments for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and are hosting the upcoming Race 4 Research 5K.

The Race 4 Research 5K will take place on Sunday, August 18th in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the 5K run and walk will bring together more than 400 participants from across the Greater Boston community each year. The event raises money and awareness for the fight against ALS. The ALS TDI Race 4 Research brings attention to the critical role scientific research plays in bringing us closer to effective treatments and a cure for ALS.

Race 4 Research participants will walk, run or roll through Technology Square, Cambridge’s biotechnology hotspot. As an added fun nuance to the race, dress in your nerdiest costume and join the chip-timed 5K road race or the  4-mile ALS awareness walk and wheelchair ride along the picturesque Charles River. Let’s celebrate the revenge of the nerds! Let your geek flag fly! Nerdy costumes are encouraged and awards will be given to the best ones!

Once you are done the run or the walk, join your fellow participants at an after party right at the finish line complete with snacks and beer!

I ran this race in 2016 and had a great time at the run. You can read a race recap here and I hope you will register and support this great cause!

To register for the Race 4 Research, please click here. Be sure to also RSVP for the race on Facebook here.


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Race Recap: Mattapoisett 5 Miler


Three races in less than 24 hours? You know it!

After Wednesday evening’s Finishes at the 50 it was then off to Mattapoisett, Massachusetts on the 4th of July for the Mattapoisett 5 Miler. I have always heard good things about this race and have wanted to make the trip down to the coastal town for it and this year afforded me with just that opportunity. With a 9AM start time, the race allows for a good 5 mile run before the rest of the 4th of July festivities kick off and a great crowd of runners made their way to the starting line for the race. The race has a very reasonable $20 entry fee and includes a tee-shirt for all pre-registered runners.

To say the race time conditions were hot is an understatement. To say the air felt like an oven would have been offensive to ovens. It was hot, it was humid and it was oppressive. A real July 4th scorcher!

The race course did not disappoint. It was a perfect mix of hills and flat terrain that seemed at time to be more heavily slanted toward hills than flat sections. The people of Mattapoisett came out in throngs to cheer on runners and helped hand out water, helped spray runners and provided the motivational cheers needed at all the right times. One of my favorite groups was within the first half mile of the run where a group was offering runners full donuts on a tray calling them “power pills” and asking “Who’s hungover and needs a donut?” This group was funny and brought smiles to just about every runner going by.

Runners had the opportunity to run through some of the finest neighborhoods of Mattapoisett and the homes along the race route provided for some great things to look at along the run. A truly beautiful stretch of the run was just around the 3 mile mark where runners did a quick loop right along the ocean and around a lighthouse.

As previously noted, the heat certainly played a factor in the run and I took water at just about every official and unofficial water stop along the way. Having run 9.3 miles just a few hours earlier, I could feel the back-to-back racing in my legs but wanted to focus on hydrating properly and tackling the 5 mile race in a smart and efficient manner. There were several runners along the way and at the finish line being tended to by emergency personnel due to dehydration and I hope everyone impacted bounces back soon!

I finished the Mattapoisett 5 Miler with a time of 41:45, good for 8:21/miles. Not too shabby given the conditions and mileage raced the night before so I am happy to take that result! After the race, it was off to sit in the pool for a bit and let the water help loosen up the legs some.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!

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Race Recap: Finishes at the 50


When you get an email from a race director noting you can run both a 5K and a 10K race if you are wired like me you of course sign up immediately. Temperature in the 90s? No worries. Running ramps to the top of Gillette Stadium? Let’s do it. Knowing you have a 5 miler the next morning? No problem. (Right about now you might be realizing that my wiring might be a little different than most!)

Last night was the Finish at the 50 at the home of the six time Super Bowl winning New England Patriots! Having done this race before, I knew what I signed up for and the heat was certainly an added obstacle to the race just as it has been in previous years, as well.

First up was the 5K race that kicked off at 6:30 PM. The race course was changed a bit and runners started inside of Gillette Stadium. After a brief stretch within the stadium, runners then made their way out to the parking lots where the sun was beating down on the hot asphalt and made for some warm temperatures out on the course. The route has a little uphill in the second mile as runners make their way back into the stadium. Once inside the stadium, runners then make their way up the ramps leading from the ground level all the way up to the top of the stadium. With the heat and hilly climbs, this stretch is a challenge and not for the faint of heart. Once finished on the uphill climb, runners than run along the top bowl of the stadium before then running down a separate set of ramps from the top of the stadium all the way down to the ground level. Here, the knees definitely feel the downhill pull and this ramp running certainly takes its toll. After running all the way down the ramp, runners exit the stadium for a brief additional stretch through the parking lot before turning back into the stadium for a quick sprint through the tunnel and onto the field the Patriots call home. Runners sprint toward the finish line at the fifty yard line where Pat the Patriot and the New England Patriots cheerleaders cheer runners in. I finished the 5K with a time of 27:59, good for 8:58/miles.

After a quick bottle of water, it was then back to the starting line area to next tackle the 10K race which kicked off at 7:30 PM. The 10K started at the same spot and the first mile of the race was the same. Once at the Mile 1 marker, runners then turned left and made their way out onto Route 1, a main road just outside the stadium. After a short stretch on the busy Route 1, runners then made their way into more residential side streets of Foxboro. There was a good contingent of fans out on the route cheering runners along, handing out water and hosing off runners with cool water as even at 7:30 the heat was still quite strong. For most of the 10K course up until around the Mile 4 marker you felt like you were climbing and some of the hills mixed with the heat could really be felt in the legs. (Running a 5K just prior to this race also probably didn’t help, haha) The final mile of the race started on Fidelity Way, a back road leading runners back into the stadium area and runners made a quick run into the parking lot area and then back into the stadium through the same tunnel onto the field and finishing up the race at the fifty yard line. Thankfully, there was a lot of water on the course and the fans helping hose off runners made a really big difference in the 10K and made for an overall nice race. Was able to shave some time off the 5K pace run an hour before and finished with a time of 54:44, good for 8:49/miles.

9.3 miles done on a very hot July night called for then a bit of relaxation. A great fireworks display took place at Patriot Place that evening the folding chair, water, sandwich and snacks helped refuel prior to the fireworks. What a great night!

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Race Recap: Brockton Firefighters 5K


I’m pretty sure Mrs. Running Griffin had ulterior motives when she asked if I wanted to sign-up for the Brockton Firefighters 5K largely rooted in how much she enjoys watching Chicago Fire on television. Even though Kelly Severide and Matt Casey were not going to be there, we made our way to the City of Champions and toed the starting line for the annual road race that starts and finishes at the Firefighters Union Hall in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Joined by several members of the Brockton Fire Department and firefighters from neighboring towns, runners made their way through the downtown streets of Brockton on a hot June morning. Thankfully the race kicked off nice and early at 9AM before more heat made its way to the region.

As someone who grew up in an old mill city like Brockton, I have a fondness for races that run through urban centers. Though suburban and rural courses have their benefits, racing through downtown city streets is a different style of run and one that should not be discounted. Volunteers and members of the Brockton Police Department did a great job manning the intersections throughout the course. Around the halfway point of the race runners ran past the Strand Theatre Memorial, a memorial dedicated to a significant fire that took place in Brockton’s history injuring several and killing 13 members of the Brockton Fire Department. Members of the BFD handed out water to runners at this spot, as well.

Running through the final mile of the run, runners could hear the distant playing of bagpipes and right before the final turn heading toward the finish line a member of the Brockton Firefighters Pipes & Drums played the bagpipes ushering runners closer to the finish line. All proceeds from the race went to benefit the Brockton Firefighters Pipes & Drums.

Had a good morning of running through the streets of Brockton and finished the race with a time of 23:04, good for 7:25/miles.

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Hot and Humid at the Monday Night Fun Run

It certainly felt like summer last night in Raynham, Massachusetts with a bit of heat and humidity finally hitting the region. Race time temperature at 7PM was just shy of 80 degrees and there was a mugginess to the air that could clearly be felt.

Prior to kicking off the race, local running favorite Jim Dupont noted that he was celebrating his 67th birthday and each runner would receive a $2 scratch ticket as his gift to those toeing the line alongside him on his birthday. Happy birthday, Jim!

Thankfully at this week’s run there was a water stop at the halfway point of the race which on such a humid night certainly came in handy. Despite the warm and muggy race conditions, still managed to run a rather strong race and finished with a time of 25:03, good for 7:42/miles on the 3.25 mile course.

Hoping to keep the routine going as much as I can this summer and look forward to meeting some of you at the Monday night fun runs in Raynham. Join me there!

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Race Recap: Colonial Summer Series

Attended another one of the Colonial Summer Series runs this Monday evening in Raynham, Massachusetts and had another great post-work run. This week, finished up the 3.25 mile run with a time of 24:28, good for 7:32/miles.

Right around the three mile mark a high school team of runners passed in front of me and pride kicked in a bit. As an “old guy” in comparison, I kicked it in the final .25 miles of the run and hanged with them into the finish line. Though they may have been more causally running than normal, having some youngsters help motivate and pace you into a final kick into the finish line never hurts!

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