Bkin Wearable Safety Beacon

This past week it has become more noticeable that each day the early morning runs are starting to become much darker. It’s hard to believe that September is already here and the 5:30 AM run times is starting to require a little extra safety precaution as the morning sun begins to rise later heading into fall.

I recently came across the Bkin Wearable Safety Beacon and started using the product on my early morning runs. The Bkin is a lightweight, easy to utilize safety beacon that provides good extra-warning to early morning motorists that I am out there running and the versatility of the product is quite nice.

The Bkin has a clip that I attach either to the back of my shirt when running on a sidewalk with traffic and then can unclip it and move it to my hat (which I wear backwards while running) when running into traffic. The Bkin has both a steady and a pulse mode available and the light gives off enough of a glow to be seen up to 1/2 mile away. In addition to the pulse or steady option, Bkin also allows you to set the brightness at either 100% or 50% which will impact the overall battery utilization of the device, as well.

This product has a built in USB charging port that plugs easily into any USB charger and the device recharges quickly. In addition to being used while running, Bkin could also be attached to a bike, a backpack or a dog leash providing quick versatility and added safety whenever needed.

To learn more about Bkin and to order your Bkin today, please click here to visit their website. Right now you will find a good sale on their two pack Bkin units, as well!

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Stay safe out there running friends!

Trot for Special Tots 5K

Join me for the virtual edition of the Trot for Special Tots 5K on October 2nd. This race has both a live and virtual option available for runners and I’ll be running the virtual race option in my own town while the in-person option is being held in Andover, Massachusetts.

This will be the 29th Annual running of the Trot for Special Tots 5K and is coming off a remarkable pandemic-induced virtual 2020 race that raised more than $50,000 for The Professional Center for Child Development.

The Professional Center for Child Development’s staff is trained to serve children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, varying metabolic disorders, autism, and many other conditions, and equipped to assist children who need feeding tubes, have tracheotomies or seizures. They continuously expand our children’s access to “kid-friendly” and adaptive equipment, developmental toys and technologies and enhance our programs and services to meet the needs of children of all abilities throughout Northeast Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

To register for either the live or virtual race and for more race details, please click here.

Another Monday Night Fun Run in the Books

This Monday evening it was time for another Monday Night Fun Run sponsored by the Colonial Road Runners in Raynham, Massachusetts. Race conditions were quite good with a bit of heat in the air but overall very comfortable conditions in store for the weekly 3.25 mile road race.

Started the first mile off a bit slower than normal to try and add a little extra gas in the tank for the latter part of the run. All in all, seemed to be a pretty good strategy as I finished Monday’s run with a time of 25:00 for a pace of 7:41/mile. Felt strong sort of from start to finish and was quite pleased with the finishing time.

Just a few more weeks of the Monday Night Fun Run still in store. Check out the race next Monday at 6:30 PM and visit the Colonial’s website to learn more.

Little Compton Road Race

This past weekend we packed the family into the Jeep and made our way to Little Compton, Rhode Island for the 40th Anniversary running of the Little Compton Road Race. The race kicked off nice and early at 9AM and started at the idyllic New England setting of a downtown beach community complete with a church arts and crafts fair and well wishers gathered safely outside in the downtown area of Little Compton.

Having not been to Little Compton before, we were thoroughly impressed with what a great little community this is just a little bit away from one of our other favorite coastal locations of Westport, Massachusetts.

The race is a 4.8 mile course and is an absolutely gorgeous run through the residential and waterfront streets of the town. I can’t emphasize enough how awesome this course was; it was a real gem in terms of scenery and one you definitely need to add to your running list. The race advertises as being relatively flat though it certainly felt like there was a decent amount of climbing along the way particularly in the second half of the race. It was a muggy start to the morning so thankfully there were water stops along the race course and runners took a cup on their own to prevent one needing to be handed to you; it worked just fine!

The race was a bit different this year and though it was timed was not officially scored due to COVID restrictions to keep runners moving through the finish line as quickly as possible.

I finished the race with a time of 39:15, good for 8:08/miles out on the race course. Good time at this race and one I definitely want to get back to again in the future!

Relax Your Feet with YogaToes

Pounding the pavement can take its toll on all of our feet and finding ways to ensure proper recovery is essential to ensure we can head back out and run day after day. Now, thanks to YogaToes runners have another great option to provide post-run relief!

YogaToes stretch and align your toes and provide soothing relief and help to recondition the entire foot. In addition to post-run stretching that they provide, YogaToes can also assist with people who have foot pain from bunions, plantar fasciitis or other foot ailments.

By stretching your toes, YogaToes activate your foot muscles and helps to relieve pain and I have found that wearing them for between 10-20 minutes after a run is a great way to provide foot relief. Another great option is to wear YogaToes while you have your feet up watching an evening show or while in bed reading before heading to sleep for the night.

This product is produced by a small business in the United States so in addition to being able to receive a great product that works, you also are supporting a local business when you purchase your pair of YogaToes.

To learn more about YogaToes and to purchase your pair, please be sure to check out their website by clicking here.