About Me

If you are hoping for miracle running tips about how to go out and win the next Boston Marathon, then this website is not for you. I am in no stretch of the imagination an elite runner but then again not many of us are or they wouldn’t be called “elite.”

What I am is a runner who has realized the joy of running. Whether it be a 5k race in support of a local cause or a half-marathon or full-marathon with the finish line seeming at times to never be in sight, running allows each of us the ability to sort of leave behind the rest of the world and focus on simply getting to the finish line. We might not win a trophy and we might not make a career out of running but what we are guaranteed is a certain friendship amongst running friends, better health and the endorphin filled pride each time we cross a finish line.

This website will allow me to highlight different races that I have done, perhaps some that I plan on doing and other running stories that I hope to share with runners like myself.

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