Double Race Weekend

Bridgewater Police 5K

On Saturday it was just down the road to the Bridgewater Police Department for the Bridgewater Police 5K. This is the same course I have used throughout the pandemic to race virtual races and have run the Bridgewater Police 5K before so is a very friendly and familiar course.

It was a pretty nice morning for a run and I definitely headed out onto the course with a fast first mile pace of 7:00/mile. Knowing the course would lead to a bit of an uphill later in the race I knew I had to pace myself some so planned accordingly along the way. Unlike my virtual runs, water was available on the course right around the halfway point which came in handy as the sun started to break through along the route. The course is generally flat until the last mile where a quick uphill on Cottage Street leads to another gradual incline on Fremont Street before turning to head back toward the finish line at the police station.

Ran pretty well overall on the course except for on the Fremont Street incline where the legs certainly started to burn a bit more. That said, turned in a pretty decent time of 23:58 good for 7:42/miles.

The COVID hiatus from live racing spurred me to then sign up for another race on Sunday so headed off to nearby Whitman, Massachusetts for the McGuiggan’s Pub 5K race. The race is hosted by a local Irish pub and features a nice post-race celebration complete with some brews, food and live music outdoors. A very nice local race with a good atmosphere we have all been missing out on thanks to COVID.

The McGuiggan’s 5K course is a much more challenging, hilly course than the previous day’s run but overall felt nice and strong out on the course and kept tackling each hill along the way. The course sort of has the feel that you are climbing most of the way and takes runners out of downtown Whitman and through some surrounding residential neighborhoods before returning back to finishing just in front of McGuiggan’s Pub.

Apparently consistency is key and despite the increased climbing I finished just about on the nose with the previous day’s run with a time of 23:56.

Not a bad weekend of racing! Feels so good to be back out at live road races and looking forward to upcoming races more and more!

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