Bkin Wearable Safety Beacon

This past week it has become more noticeable that each day the early morning runs are starting to become much darker. It’s hard to believe that September is already here and the 5:30 AM run times is starting to require a little extra safety precaution as the morning sun begins to rise later heading into fall.

I recently came across the Bkin Wearable Safety Beacon and started using the product on my early morning runs. The Bkin is a lightweight, easy to utilize safety beacon that provides good extra-warning to early morning motorists that I am out there running and the versatility of the product is quite nice.

The Bkin has a clip that I attach either to the back of my shirt when running on a sidewalk with traffic and then can unclip it and move it to my hat (which I wear backwards while running) when running into traffic. The Bkin has both a steady and a pulse mode available and the light gives off enough of a glow to be seen up to 1/2 mile away. In addition to the pulse or steady option, Bkin also allows you to set the brightness at either 100% or 50% which will impact the overall battery utilization of the device, as well.

This product has a built in USB charging port that plugs easily into any USB charger and the device recharges quickly. In addition to being used while running, Bkin could also be attached to a bike, a backpack or a dog leash providing quick versatility and added safety whenever needed.

To learn more about Bkin and to order your Bkin today, please click here to visit their website. Right now you will find a good sale on their two pack Bkin units, as well!

Be sure to also “Like” Bkin on Facebook by clicking here.

Stay safe out there running friends!

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