Soles of Medfield 2nd Annual 10K

The Soles of Medfield Running Club is thrilled to officially announce that their 2nd Annual Medfield 10K will be taking place this year! The Soles of Medfield is a group of runners of all distances and all paces and get together to schedule group runs, commiserate on injuries, find events and sometimes have a beer. Any level of runner is welcome to join them and their 10K race looks to be a great time!

This year’s race will have both an in-person and virtual option with the in-person race being held on June 13th with a 10:00 AM start time (the starting line closes at 10:15). The 10K race course will be open for two hours. The virtual race option is a great way for runners to join in on the fun from a distance.

General registration opens on May 25th and the in person race will be capped at 150 registrants. Tee-shirts will be available for those registering for the run.

To learn more about the race and to register for either the in-person or virtual race, please visit the Soles of Medfield Running Club website by clicking here.

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