Nantucket 250

With live races still on hold here in Massachusetts, it’s time to sign up for another virtual race series! Join me in registering for the Nantucket 250! Organized by the Boston Road Runners, this is a 250 mile run that will take place between April 1st and May 31st and will take runners on a virtual run from Boston to Cape Cod and then over to Nantucket.

Runners will be able to maintain motivation along the way with custom content, mini-challenges, digital badge awards and beach swag. As part of registration, runners will receive a shirt and sunglasses and a Nalgene water bottle along with great digital support to make this virtual race series a fun time.

Proceeds from the race will go to benefit Boston area charities that improve the community, health and youth initiatives. The Boston Road Runners have set a fundraising goal of $25,000 so each and every registration will help get them closer to that goal.

To join me in the virtual Nantucket 250, please click here to register for the run. There is already a Facebook group established for this run and it will be great to have you join me along the way!

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