Protect Yourself with Zealios

I’m only 39 years old and I have already had two spots removed from my otherwise flawless mug and taking care of my skin and fending off the sun is something that I have had to focus more on. Trying to find sunscreen products that are both functional and don’t run down my face while running is a delicate balancing act and finding a product that keeps me protected year round is important.

At Zealios, they get it. You train too hard to worry about getting burned by cheap sunscreen or smelling like the pool all day. Their mission is to give athletes confidence and peace of mind to perform at your best without worrying about your skin and hair products. Zealios products are designed and tested by top endurance athletes to stand the test of the hottest days, sweatiest adventures and toughest elements.

In addition to their sunscreen offerings, Zealios has a nice product line including:

  • Sun Barrier SPF 45: Our zinc-based and water resistant sunscreen (dries completely clear & won’t sting your eyes!)
  • Betwixt: All natural anti-chafing lubricant great as chamois cream too (it won’t stain your clothing!)
  • Swim & Sport: Sulfate-free shower products (Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash) formulated to gently remove hard minerals like chlorine & salt

To check out the Zealios line up of product offerings, please click here.

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