Virtual Holyoke St. Patrick’s Road Race

The Holyoke St. Patrick’s Road Race has been cancelled due to concerns surrounding COVID-19 but this iconic 10K race is going virtual this year.

Race organizers understand that this isn’t a replacement for the real thing but running with 7000 others right now is not possible, but we will try to make it just as fun! This will be the 2nd Virtual Holyoke St Patrick’s Road Race and you can create your own 10K route (or use ours!) and compete against other runners. The race will provide a familiar looking t-shirt, printable custom bib number and some giveaways!

The race directors are also “buying a beer” for each virtual runner at one of the favorite pubs around the finish line to help support them.

If you don’t have a Holyoke St. Patrick’s Road Race in your pile of race shirts, you need to have one. One of the best race shirts around!

To register for the virtual race, please click here and you will receive $5 off registration that will come off at checkout. Who’s in? Let’s help support this great race, some awesome Western Massachusetts charities and a few local pubs at the finish line.

Oh, and let’s also log 6.2 miles and have some fun!

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