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Fuel Up with Drink Wholesome


Let’s be honest. We have all tried downing some protein drinks that require holding the nose, having a loved one strap you to a table so as to not squirm or can only be drank by shotgunning the drink like a Natty Light in undergrad with often the same queasy after effects.

Thankfully we don’t need to suffer any longer! Drink Wholesome is a new brand in market and is putting out ridiculously good products that both taste amazing and provides strong results. Drink Wholesome is created with real ingredients you can read right on the packaging and is free of any additives or fillers you have no idea what they are.

I have tried the Mocha flavor which is quite good but the PB Coconut is a whole different level. Made with egg whites, oats, peanuts, coconut, maple sugar, sea salt and monk fruit the PB Coconut protein powder provides a ridiculously delicous flavor profile that is tough to put down. I mix the protein with milk and ice and blend for a cool, refreshing shake post-runs that is flavorful and helps aid recovery. Try tossing in a couple local strawberries for some added flavor and you have yourself a real treat!

Because Drink Wholesome is all natural, you won’t be left with that bloated and sluggish feeling that other protein shakes deliver. The post-run shake definitely will fill you up with the fuel needed but does so in a way that is effective and not offensive.

Runners can request free samples of Drink Wholesome shipped to them (just need to cover the postage) so there is no reason not to check out these great products for yourself! Click here to request your free samples.

For more information about Drink Wholesome, please be sure to check out their website by clicking here.

Put away the fillers. Dump the junk in the garbage. Drink Wholesome and get results!

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