Athletic Brewing Company


Last year prior to running the Fargo Half-Marathon I took a month off of any alcohol. I don’t drink a ton, but I am a big fan of good, local craft beer and enjoy having a beer or two a week with dinner or when with friends. As I am training for a 26.2 mile run in May (have been training for the Providence Marathon which has been canceled due to coronavirus) taking another respite from any alcohol for the month of April sounds like a good plan!

Thanks to the good folks at Athletic Brewing Company runners and athletes of all kinds can now enjoy a great non-alcoholic beer that is high on taste and free from any alcohol. I honestly was a bit skeptical going in but I am a true believer after having now had Athletic Brewing’s great offerings!

I have had two of Athletic’s offerings, their Run Wild IPA and the Upside Dawn Golden Ale. The Run Wild IPA has a nice, fresh IPA flavor to it more in line with a traditional IPA than one of the juicier NEIPA style beers you’ll find. The Upside Dawn Golden Ale is crisp and smooth and both beers packed a lot of true flavor into the taste and provided a refreshing and smooth non-alcoholic alternative to regular beer.

Athletic also brews the Free Way Double Hop IPA and the All Out Stout. Look forward to trying these ones soon!

Athletic Brewing is brewed in Connecticut and has a great story about how the brewery came to fruition. Click here to read more about Athletic Brewing Company.

Because Athletic Brewing offers non-alcoholic beer, they can ship their offering fresh to your doorstep. If you are interested in ordering Athletic Brewing, please click here to shop their offerings and have it shipped to you today!

For more information about Athletic Brewing Company, please click here to visit their website. Give them a “Like” on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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