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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, running friends! Hope you have a great year ahead of meeting running goals, having fun, running in new places and supporting many great causes through charity running. Please keep in touch throughout 2020 so we can share running tips, race reviews and maybe even run together!

This morning Mrs. Running Griffin and I made our way up to Needham, Massachusetts for the Needham New Year’s Day 5K. We have not done this race before so were looking forward to tackling a new course. Race conditions were quite nice for January 1st and though I toyed with the idea of running in shorts, thankfully I kept the running pants on as there was a cool breeze that swept across the course from time to time.

In the first mile I had an added challenge of having to hurdle a young kid who tripped when two dog leases (one running, one on the sidelines) became tangled and took the young lad to the ground. Thankfully I was spry enough to avoid trampling the kid!

The course was a really nice run and took runners through mainly residential roads of Needham. The Needham community was quite nice and many houses were what we will just say are a touch out of our price range. There were some fans out on the course cheering runners on which is always a nice touch on a 5K course. Each mile was marked on the course and the only real drawback to the race was that there was no water stop on the course. I know it’s January and I know it is a 5K but to me each race should have a water stop on the course.

In the 3rd mile of the race was a nice hill that had an added element of strong headwind to contend with but I cruised along the uphill stretch quite well. Overall, I felt solid on the course and crossed the finish line with a time of 23:57, good for 7:42/miles. Not a bad way to start off the new year and look forward to some more good running over the next 365 days!

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