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Race Recap: Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5K


After putting in a full day in the office one of the best ways to unwind is to go for a run! So yesterday after doing big things in the insurance industry it was off to South Boston for the Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5K.

Two of my colleagues joined me at the starting line and tackled the run on what was a perfect night for running. Having run the Sugar Bowl in the past, this mid-July race has a propensity for being run on an absolutely scorching night but last night afforded runners temperatures that were in the low 70’s with a little bit of a breeze coming off the ocean and overcast skies that didn’t hurt either.

The Sugar Bowl 5K starts and finishes at the end of Carson Park right near the Boston Teachers Union building. The course is quite flat as runners make their way alongside the beach and the water and the road in the heart of Southie is closed down to all traffic for the race.

Last night I was feeling quite strong on the course and logged a sub-7 first mile and didn’t feel like letting up. I took the water on the course just past the first mile marker and around the two mile mark, as well, and wanted to keep up a good pace throughout the race. With the weather in my favor and with an overall flat course it was a good race to stretch the legs out on and focus on trying to maintain some speed.

I finished the Jim Kane Sugar Bowl with a time of 22:23, good for 7:12/miles. Last year I ran the race with a time of 23:07 and the year before that with some intense heat ran an 8:44/mile pace so overall some really nice improvement on this course over the past three years. I’l take it!

Thanks to Mrs. Running Griffin and my colleagues for joining me at the race!

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