Race Recap: Mattapoisett 5 Miler


Three races in less than 24 hours? You know it!

After Wednesday evening’s Finishes at the 50 it was then off to Mattapoisett, Massachusetts on the 4th of July for the Mattapoisett 5 Miler. I have always heard good things about this race and have wanted to make the trip down to the coastal town for it and this year afforded me with just that opportunity. With a 9AM start time, the race allows for a good 5 mile run before the rest of the 4th of July festivities kick off and a great crowd of runners made their way to the starting line for the race. The race has a very reasonable $20 entry fee and includes a tee-shirt for all pre-registered runners.

To say the race time conditions were hot is an understatement. To say the air felt like an oven would have been offensive to ovens. It was hot, it was humid and it was oppressive. A real July 4th scorcher!

The race course did not disappoint. It was a perfect mix of hills and flat terrain that seemed at time to be more heavily slanted toward hills than flat sections. The people of Mattapoisett came out in throngs to cheer on runners and helped hand out water, helped spray runners and provided the motivational cheers needed at all the right times. One of my favorite groups was within the first half mile of the run where a group was offering runners full donuts on a tray calling them “power pills” and asking “Who’s hungover and needs a donut?” This group was funny and brought smiles to just about every runner going by.

Runners had the opportunity to run through some of the finest neighborhoods of Mattapoisett and the homes along the race route provided for some great things to look at along the run. A truly beautiful stretch of the run was just around the 3 mile mark where runners did a quick loop right along the ocean and around a lighthouse.

As previously noted, the heat certainly played a factor in the run and I took water at just about every official and unofficial water stop along the way. Having run 9.3 miles just a few hours earlier, I could feel the back-to-back racing in my legs but wanted to focus on hydrating properly and tackling the 5 mile race in a smart and efficient manner. There were several runners along the way and at the finish line being tended to by emergency personnel due to dehydration and I hope everyone impacted bounces back soon!

I finished the Mattapoisett 5 Miler with a time of 41:45, good for 8:21/miles. Not too shabby given the conditions and mileage raced the night before so I am happy to take that result! After the race, it was off to sit in the pool for a bit and let the water help loosen up the legs some.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!

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