Summer Running in Raynham

Summer weather is finally making its way to New England which means it’s time for Monday Night Fun Runs in Raynham, Massachusetts!

These runs are sponsored by the Colonial Road Runners and take place each Monday night and feature a 3.25 mile course that is timed and costs a bargain price of just $2 each week! At the finish line, runners also have water and Gatorade available and the race results are posted to CoolRunning allowing for runners to compete against themselves and try to best their previous weeks’ finishing times.

This past Monday night my oldest daughter and I decided to run the race together and headed off onto the course. The first mile of the course is nice and flat and runners run along residential roads of Raynham the entire way. In the second mile there is a gradual incline prior to making your way toward the Mile 2 marker and immediately following the marker there is a much more significant climb before runners are greeted with a nice downhill stretch heading to the third mile marker. The legs definitely start burning heading up the hill and then racing downhill, and it’s a significant one, a different muscle set can be felt. As you hit the mile 3 marker the course then levels out and runners then have a flat stretch the final .25 miles of the run.

Great first Monday night fun run for my daughter and she ran the entire 3.25 miles at a very even pace and without stopping, even on the hills. At one point on the uphill, I caught her working to slow down her breathing and breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Proud running dad moment!

We finished the race with a time of 32:10, good for 9:54/miles. Great way to kick off the series and looking forward to more summer family runs coming up soon!


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