Join Me at the Craft Classic Half-Marathon in Atlanta


When finishing up a half-marathon what does any sane runner immediately do? Sign up for another half-marathon!

After finishing last weekend’s Fargo Half-Marathon, it was time to search for another half-marathon and fortunately an annual baseball stadium trip with lifelong friends is bringing us to Atlanta, Georgia in September and the timing coincides perfectly with the Craft Classic Half-Marathon. The Craft Classic Half Marathon offers a unique Atlanta course starting at historic Grant Park and featuring great views, a challenging hill or two and a delicious craft beer reward from Monday Night Brewing at the finish line. Race giveaways for all participants include a commemorative event shirt and beer glass, special finisher’s medal, a free beer from Monday Night Brewing and free race photos.

My friend Matt and I will both be tackling the half-marathon and each time we get together we have been fortunate to tackle a race ranging from 5Ks in Massachusetts or Pittsburgh to half-marathons in Cincinnati, Kentucky and now Atlanta. Great way to check out a new city and with this race kicking off nice and early, it will be a perfect way to kick off a guy’s weekend day!

To join us at the Craft Classic Half-Marathon or 5K race, please click here to register online. We look forward to potentially meeting some other runners in Atlanta in September!

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