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Race Recap: Athletes Crush Cancer 5K


It was a quick trip a few towns over yesterday morning to Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts for the Athletes Crush Cancer 5K.

Saturday morning brought cold, windy temperatures with a dusting of snow to the region and though Sunday was supposed to warm up a little bit the 10AM race start was sunny but still had a touch of the cold and windy air lingering around. That said, for March it was still pretty decent so long sleeves and shorts were in order making my way out onto the course.

The race took place completely on the grounds of Stonehill College and weaved runners throughout campus for the 3.1 mile race. There was a healthy mix of flat roads and a couple inclines mixed into the course for good measure. The course seemed to move along at a nice pace, likely thanks in part to the Stonehill track members who helped keep an early fast pace.

The race was organized by Stonehill College field hockey player MacKenzie Greenberg who told an absolutely amazing story about her own battle with cancer before the race kicked off. Greenberg has done some amazing things while battling cancer ranging from playing college level field hockey, writing a book and starting her own non-profit and deserves a tremendous amount of praise for organizing such a great race!

A good morning for running and a nice pace at the Athletes Crush Cancer 5K with a finishing time of 24:12, good for 7:49/miles. Always nice to run a great race in support of a great cause!


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