Discount Code for Zulu Audio


Readers of The Running Griffin are being offered an exclusive deal on the new wearable bluetooth audio speakers from Zulu Audio.

Zulu Audio is offering all readers a discount off their wearable bluetooth speakers! These speakers typically sell for $99 but friends of The Running Griffin can purchase these speakers for $59 when using the discount code PG2019 at checkout.

Wearable speakers are much safer than headphones, and they are more convenient than a standalone speaker. The Zulu Audio speakers create a really enjoyable portable surround sound that is great if you are wanting to listen to music but still be aware of your surroundings. Also, the speakers rest on your shoulders right near your ears, and they use directional sound, so you do not have to blast them loud and bother other people around you.

To purchase your Zulu Audio speakers at the discounted rate, please click here and be sure to use code PG2019 to save $40!

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