38th Annual Paddy Kelly Road Race


With two exceptionally busy daughters trying to make races can always be an interesting juggling act but thankfully when you have a village around you that you can rely on, sometimes getting to the starting line is due largely in part to the amazing friends around you. Today, our friends took our kids for a bit and we were able to make our way to the 38th Annual Paddy Kelly Road Race before our oldest daughter’s soccer match allowing us enough time to log a five mile road race before we made our way to the sidelines to cheer on the soccer team!

The Paddy Kelly Road Race is a five miler that takes place in Brockton, Massaschusetts D.W. Field Park. The race has had some unbelievable weather in the past complete with snow, sleet, cold temperatures and a year where they had to actually shorten the route due to the winter weather. The race has a certain wintertime charm to it but today turned out to be a decent morning for February in New England and the race time temperature was about 25 degrees with a chilly wind present but overall not a bad day for a run!

The race is sponsored by the Colonial Road Runners and is a fan-favorite for the Thirsty Irish Runners and the race served as the February Grand Prix race for the TIRs. Held completely within the grounds of D.W. Field Park, the course is closed to traffic and the five mile race takes runners through the park, alongside water, through the woods and on one of the nicest stretches through Brockton and Avon. The run up Tower Hill toward the end of the first mile is the most noticeable uphill climb in the race but there are a few other stretches that have a gradual incline mixed in for good measure.

Felt good running today and ran strong through most of the race. There were a few stretches that took a bit more of a toll but overall ran well and finished the Paddy Kelly Road Race with a time of 41:15, good for 8:15/miles. Post-race it was off to Starbucks for a coffee to help warm-up post-run and then it was on to the soccer match!

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