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Wrentham Lions New Year’s Classic 5K


It’s official. The weather in New England this winter is making absolutely no sense right now. On New Year’s Day, unseasonably warm temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s made for a perfect running day at the Wrentham Lions New Year’s Classic 5K and perhaps it was the nice conditions that helped propel me to a third place finish in my age group!

The New Year’s Classic 5K starts and finishes at the iconic Eagle Brook Saloon and the race had grown this year with just over 105 runners toeing the starting line; an increase from the 65 or so runners the year prior. The Eagle Book Saloon is this sort of hole-in-the-wall sort of pub with a funky vibe to it, some really nice pub fare and a great lineup of cold beers to choose from! Definitely a unique spot and a perfect location to host a road race!

At the start of the race, the Race Director gave a few brief announcements and noted that the course would be open to traffic and that there were a few hills mixed into the 5K course for good measure. A few runners, clearly past participants, chuckled at the hills comment which in my mind prepared me to expect some hills. And hills there were.

The first mile of the race was a nice uphill climb the entire way. Runners were granted a bit of a reprieve about halfway into the run where a downhill stretch allowed runners to let their legs loose a bit. Right around the two mile mark there were a couple more residential rollers mixed into the course and then runners made their way left back onto another slight decline. Heading back into the final left, there was about .3 miles left to go in the race heading back to the Eagle Brook Saloon that continued to climb for what seemed much longer than .3 miles. Even picking targets to run to (“Run to the cruiser, run to the fire hydrant, run to the sign) was a challenge and the thighs could really feel the climb, even if it was somewhat gradual.

I knew I was running a pretty decent race heading toward the finish line particularly given the amount of hills mixed in and a tough headwind on one part of the course. Kicked the legs into the finish line and finished the race with a time of 24:42, good for 7:57/miles and third overall in my age group. For a New Year’s Day run, I’ll gladly take those results and would highly recommend this race next year to add to your running calendar.

All proceeds from the race went to benefit the Wrentham Lions Club and the charitable endeavors they support. Special kudos go out to the Norfolk Police Department who did a remarkable job patrolling the course and who the Race Director noted volunteered their time to patrol the course in support of the charitable efforts.

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