Protect Your Skin with Raw Elements


As someone who has already had two basal cell growths removed from my face, the importance of wearing sunscreen is something that runners sometimes don’t take serious enough. Now, thanks to Raw Elements runners have a new, natural suncare solution to use and ensure sun safety.

At Raw Elements their commitment is to provide the safest, most effective sunscreen in the world. Their approach incorporates only all natural, organic, chemical free ingredients, which are safe to us and our ecosystems. Utilizing their own Organic Eco-Shield Performance Technology,  Raw Elements is proud to offer the most effective, balanced UVA & UVB sunscreen available. The Raw Elements formulas are gentle and beneficial, yet provide the long lasting performance under all conditions.

Raw Elements has a variety of different products available ranging from sunscreen for face and body to lip rescue products that are perfect for the harsh winter month runs. One of the best things about the Raw Elements offerings is that they are safe for both adults and kids and apply in a way that is both easy to use and effective in terms of coverage.

The Raw Elements products are available for purchase online by clicking here and readers of The Running Griffin can use the code GRIFFIN at checkout for a discount.  There are some great sales available on the Raw Elements website so be sure to check out their offerings today!

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