Race Recap: Walter’s Run


An annual favorite, Walter’s Run took place last Sunday in West Roxbury, Massachusetts and the day made for a nice winter run through the streets of Boston. Walter’s Run is a 5K and served as the final race of the Thirsty Irish Runners Grand Prix series so a healthy throng of fellow TIRs joined me at the starting line and made our way out onto the race course.

There are some nice hills mixed into the 3.1 mile route that the race takes place on including the sizable incline around the 2 mile mark that seemed to go smoother this year than it did in the past. The roads are fully closed down for the race as runners make their way through a section of Boston and there are some local residents cheering runners along in the cold winter air. This year the race was not nearly as cold as it has been in the past but there was still a nice chill in the air that runners had to contend with but overall for a December race the conditions were pretty nice.

Once runners get through the starting line and make their way into the first right hand turn up a hill the course begins to separate a bit allowing runners to spread apart and begin to run their pace. In the second and third mile I was actually picking up some speed each mile and throughout the race ran a rather solid race.

I finished Walter’s Run with an overall time of 24:56, good for 8:05/miles.

After the run, the Thirsty Irish Runners made our way to Victory Grille in Dedham to celebrate the end of the Grand Prix series and host our annual meeting announcing the races for the 2019 Grand Prix series.

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