Norwood Turkey Trot


Following up from last week’s Monson Half-Marathon it was off to Norwood, Massachusetts for the  32nd Annual Norwood Turkey Trot. The Monson Half was a good prep race for a hilly four mile course in Norwood but the calves were still feeling the monstrously hilly Monson course on the much shorter Norwood route.

The Norwood Turkey Trot was the November Grand Prix race for my running club, the Thirsty Irish Runners. The race is a big fan favorite of the club and 60+ TIRs toed the starting line yesterday at 11AM to make their way out onto the route.

The race kicks off in front of Norwood High School and quickly takes runners down a steep hill into the first mile marker for the most part before runners begin the climbing back toward the finish line. Runners climb pretty well toward the second mile marker but heading back up the hill toward the finish line that graced runners with the downhill descent in the first mile is the real challenge.

This year, there seemed to be a few more fans on the hill than in prior years cheering runners along as they made their way up the steep ascent back toward the high school. Running in front of the high school, runners make a final sharp left tun up a quick little hill before sprinting into the finish line.

I finished the Norwood Turkey Trot with a time of 35:01, good for 8:45/miles. Not a terrible result coming off a half-marathon last weekend but hoping to build back a bit more speed sometime soon. With cooler temps now greeting us all in New England it might be time to focus on logging some more miles and then working on speed more in the spring but we shall see!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Anyone running a Turkey Trot on Thursday?

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