Marshfield Hills 5K


With the Labor Day long weekend affording most of us with an extra day to enjoy the final throes of summer, it was nice to be able to sneak in a Monday morning race on Labor Day. It was off to Marshfield, Massachusetts for the Marshfield Hills 5K.

As you can tell by the name of the race, I assumed there would be some hills mixed into the race and some co-workers who have run the race in the past noted it was indeed a hilly course. But with a blast of heat and humidity mixed into the morning, the hills on Monday morning took an extra toll on a course that was hilly but very scenic throughout.

The race started and finished right next to the Marshfield General Store, a classic New England style general store that is now owned by The Office star Steve Carrell and his wife. The general store features the normal general store goods you would expect to find coupled with a little room of Dunder Mifflin and The Office gear, as well. Jams, local food, convenience items, coffee, beer and wine all make the general store both functional and quaint and it was a neat place to kick off a race from.

Though the course overall had some challenging hills mixed into the route, the final mile of the race is where the true test of the legs kicked in. The uphill grade was rough and was amplified well by the heat and humidity. Most of the course was in the sun so little reprieve was offered and the race could have used an extra water stop on the course as the only one available was one hosted by a farm along the course. It was hot and two water stops would have been ideal.

There was some nice neighborly support along the race course and the finish line in front of the general store finish line was pretty well packed with supporters. On the final hill heading toward the finish, some of the locals cheered runners along to help each step up the hill.

Not my best day of racing but a really tough course and some rough running conditions out there so I was pleased to finish with a time of 26:05, good for a 8:23/minute overall pace. Would highly recommend this challenging and scenic 5K course in future years for those looking to push themselves a little bit and who want to enjoy a nice Labor Day weekend run!

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