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BibBoards Help #SaveTheShirt

bibboards_logo_410xAre you tired of ruining your favorite running shirts due to all the race bib pin holes you have on the shirt? Well, worry no more because thanks to our friends over at BibBoards you can now #SaveTheShirt!

BibBoards replaces safety pins, letting you express yourself without ruining your garments. Patented BibBoards are the world’s best pinless bib number fasteners and safety pin replacements. They attach easily, and don’t damage clothes. For years, athletes have been ruining race shirts, pricking their fingers and struggling to secure race bibs. That is, until BibBoards came along!

BibBoards have a really cool ability to make customized options perfect for including a running club’s logo, a charity logo, an inspirational note or a variety of other options.

Race Directors can differentiate their road race from others by making custom BibBoards with their race’s logo on it which works well both on race day and then serves as an advertising vehicle as runners re-use the BibBoards at future runs. BibBoards makes it easy for Race Directors to design unique BibBoards for their race and would make for a nice addition to a race of any distance!

Businesses can gain visibility through sponsoring BibBoards with their logo on it for runners; the possibilities are truly endless! If you are interested in seeing how easy it is to make custom BibBoards, click here for details.

BibBoards also has some really neat standard options available for purchase including I Love Running, I Run Boston, Will Run for Wine and more! To see some of these options available for purchase, check out their website by clicking here.

For more information about BibBoards, be sure to visit their website by clicking here. You can also “Like” BibBoards on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter!


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