Mrs. Running Griffin Feeling Pretty Knotty


Hey gang! It’s Mrs. Running Griffin here filling in for The Running Griffin who is being lazy and hanging out on the couch after a long weekend at a tennis tournament. I thought it would be a perfect time to introduce you to an ideal brand perfect for runners like myself called Pretty Knotty!

If you are anything like me, you probably have a drawer in your house filled with all kinds of hair elastics that probably drives your running buddy crazy! Well, thanks to Pretty Knotty I will be throwing away a healthy chunk of my stretched out, standard hair elastics and will be switching over to the Pretty Knotty brand. I’ve been using these for the past week and a half while playing tennis, swimming, on the elliptical machine, while running and around the house and have been remarkably impressed at just how awesome the Pretty Knotty brand is.

The girls also loved the Fit Ties and found them easy to use while putting in their own pony tails this week. With the oldest off to soccer camp this week, the Fit Ties will be a perfect way in the heat and humidity to keep her hair out of her face while on the soccer pitch all day long.

Pretty Knotty was developed to create better hair ties for athletes who need to keep their hair secure while being active. Pretty Knotty developed Fit Ties to empower athletes to train and compete with confidence knowing their hair is secured in the most innovative performance products available. One thing that I love about their business model is that Pretty Knotty is dedicated to developing the high-performing products by sourcing the highest-quality, most innovative materials, partnering with US based manufacturers, and hiring other local, small businesses and supports job creation here in the US by partnering with small businesses based out of RI, OH, NY, ID, IL, NJ, and WI.

The Fit Ties are designed to securely hold your hair in place while training and competing.  The low-profile design, innovative manufacturing process, and proprietary material blend combine to create a superior product that outperforms the competition. In addition to the quality in which they are made, the Fit Ties come in a cute little tin perfect to throw in the gym bag, in the glove compartment, in a drawer or in the bottom of your purse. Great products that work well and are easy to tote around; a win/win!

For more information about Pretty Knotty, please check out their website by clicking here. You can also follow Pretty Knotty on Instagram just like I did by clicking here. Be sure to support this great business and feel Pretty Knotty while doing what you love!

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