6th Annual Pam’s Run


Registration is now open for the 6th Annual Pam’s Run which will be held in Wayland, Massachusetts on Sunday, October 14th. Be sure to register for this race today as this is one race you will certainly want to have on your fall racing schedule! Pam’s Run features a 5K run/walk and a 10K run and I highly recommend you push yourself and tackle the 10K route!

Pam’s Run is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Pam Manikas Washek, founder of Neighbor Brigade and a tireless champion for families facing sudden crisis. She founded Neighbor Brigade to help those in crisis with free and immediate services provided by fellow community members. It is a simple idea with tremendous impact in providing relief while strengthening the fabric of a community. Last year, Neighbor Brigade volunteers delivered services to families in 30 communities. Pam’s Run will raise funds critical to Neighbor Brigade’s continuing operations and ability to reach more individuals and families in need of support and assistance.

Having run Pam’s Run twice in the past, I can attest that this race is one of the best 10K courses you will find in eastern Massachusetts. The 10K course is a great run through tree-lined residential roads and then down a dirt road past an area known as Duck Pond Farm. This part of the course was amazingly idyllic and reminded me of stretches of the Covered Bridges Half-Marathon course in Vermont. There’s a nice incline at the fourth mile marker which challenges the legs quite a bit and then another quick uphill sprint was in the final mile. If you are looking for the perfect fall 10K, Pam’s Run is the one for you!

To register for Pam’s Run, please click here. Please be sure to also “Like” the race on Facebook here.

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