Race Recap: Benting Strong 5k


This morning it was off to Pembroke, Massachusetts for the 2nd Annual Benting Strong 5K. This race took place in memory of Matt Benting, a Bridgewater State University student who passed away unexpectedly at a young age.

The race took place on a familiar course that matched the HussDog Jog 5K Road Race course. Having run the HussDog course in the past, I knew what to expect in terms of the roads and the weather this morning made for some nice running conditions where shorts were called for and a long-sleeve top did the trick.

At this morning’s 5K road race, before runners made their way out onto the course the mother of Matt Benting noted the following: “As you leave here today, I ask you to do one thing in Matt’s memory: Be kind to one another. It doesn’t have to be buying someone a coffee or anything big, it can be holding the door for someone, smiling at someone or just saying hello.” Some pretty awesome words to live by if you ask me!

This course is a rather moderately challenging 5K course with a couple rolling hills mixed in and a decent little incline in the final mile. Just before you hit the three mile marker there is another late, slight uphill that keeps the legs honest. The Pembroke Police Department did an excellent job patrolling the course and volunteers were at a couple of the turns, as well. A water stop was available at the half-way point and each mile was marked for runners.

I finished the 2nd Annual Benting Strong 5K with a time of 25:15, good for 8:08/miles. Thanks to Marathon Physical Therapy for providing some much needed post-race stretching and muscle work!


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