Cohasset Rotary Road Race by the Sea


For runners in New England, I need not tell you that March has been a pretty brutal month for running. With four Nor’Easters walloping the reason bringing rain, snow, flooding and tree limbs everywhere, March has been less than ideal running conditions but hopefully the end is somewhere in sight. (Might be too optimistic here)

This morning it was down to the coastal community of Cohasset, Massachusetts for the Cohasset Rotary Road Race by the Sea. Sponsored by the local Rotary Club, this race has been in existence for more than 40 years and though typically the race is a 10K a bridge being out changed the course this year to a five mile route. Though the race was shorted 1.2 miles, today’s race was no joke and came complete with snow, wind and some hills that were nothing short of what even the most seasoned of runners would call “no joke.”

The Cohasset Rotary Road Race by the Sea was the March Grand Prix race for the Thirsty Irish Runners and a great crowd of runners toed the starting line in the quaint coastal town of Cohasset. Most of the race seemed quite hilly with some of the most significant hills being in the third and fourth miles. Snow flurries graced runners along the way and running past the Atlantic Ocean brought back memories of watching the month’s past storms devastation on the news. Some of the beachside mansions along the course allowed for some daydreaming about what it might be like to live inside them while running and though the race conditions were not ideal some of the locals were out on the course cheering runners along nonetheless. The race organizers deserve a huge kudos for having each mile marked and for having a water stop at each and every mile marker; well done!

I felt good out on the course today and despite the hills maintained a very consistent pace throughout the five miles and finished up the Cohasset Rotary Road Race by the Sea with a time of 42:56, good for 8:35/miles. Perfect post-race refueling took place at Untold Brewing in Scituate.


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