Walter’s Run in West Roxbury


After a snowy Saturday, an early morning check of the email confirmed that Sunday’s Walter’s Run was still on as planned. This race is held annually in the West Roxbury section of Boston, Massachusetts and is a great December race that benefits some local charities and a scholarship fund and helps runners get into the Christmas spirit!

This 5K course features what seems to be an overall uphill terrain for most of the race with a doozy of a hill right after the mile 2 marker. Runners climb the hill before making a left into a residential neighborhood for a bit more climbing before the race tapers off into a downhill finish into the finish line chute. There is a water stop about halfway into the race and though it snowed the night before the race the course was clear and in good shape for the most part.

Walter’s Run was the final Grand Prix race for the 2017 Thirsty Irish Runners and a sea of TIR green was present at the race followed by the annual meeting held at the Village Manor in Dedham. Looking to join a great running club in 2018? Join the Thirsty Irish Runners!

This year, I finished Walter’s Run with an overall time of 25:20, good for 8:10/miles.

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