Boston Firefighters Local 718 10K Memorial Road Race


A week ago today before I headed off to Logan Airport for a flight to Chicago it was over to the Dorchester section of Boston, Massachusetts for the Boston Firefighters Local 718 10K Memorial Road Race. I have run this race in the past and was pleasantly surprised that the race course was changed from years past and took runners along a nice bike/running path for a good stretch of the race in the final quarter of the race.

The run starts and finishes at the Florian Hall in Dorchester and features all the things one would expect from a Boston firefighters run including fire trucks, firefighters on the course cheering you on, bagpipes on the course and a great post-race celebration.

Runners head toward UMass-Boston and when in years past runners made their way into the campus this year instead featured a quick turnaround and then back toward the aforementioned running path. There were a couple good little inclines mixed into the course and a grate bridge over the harbor makes for a bit of interesting running. I thought this year’s course was much nicer than years past and didn’t miss the loop through UMass-Boston.

I had a pretty decent run at the Boston Firefighters Local 718 10K Memorial Road Race and finished with a time of 52:07, good for 8:24/miles. Would love to see the race organizers keep the course the same as it was for future years and look forward to running this race again!

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