Monday Night Fun Runs Are Back!

Runners on the South Shore of Massachusetts know that summer is quickly approaching when the Monday Night Fun Runs in Raynham, Massachusetts begin to kick off again! These runs feature a timed 3.25 mile road race all for the very reasonable price of just $2. That’s right, 8 quarters and you can race on Monday nights and try to beat your pace each week on the streets of Raynham.

The first half of the race is quite flat and then heading into the Mile 2 marker the course begins to pick up some elevation. Once you pass that marker the grade gets tougher and takes runners up a relatively steep incline before cresting the hill, making a quick left turn and leveling off a bit before being greeted by a nice downhill heading into the mile 3 marker. Once you hit that, the last stretch of the race is nice and flat.

The race is an open course route and has grown in terms of runners over the past few years. Water is provided after the run and the race times are posted online immediately following the run. This Monday night series is sponsored and organized by the Colonial Road Runners and is a great way to end the first day of the week.

This week I finished the Monday Night Fun Run with a time of 25:15, good for 7:46/miles. Great start to the season and look forward to hopefully working to shave a few seconds off over the course of the summer. If you are in the Raynham area on Monday nights, join me!

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