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What a difference two weeks can make


Last Sunday was the rescheduled Weary Traveler Road Race in Bourne, Massachusetts and what a difference two weeks can make here in New England. Two weeks ago, the race was  rescheduled due to 16+ inches of snow and wintry conditions that would have proved far too difficult to run in. Fast forward two weeks, the weather was absolutely perfect with all the snow melted and shorts and short-sleeve running shirts perfectly appropriate for many runners.

The perfect race conditions last weekend made for a nice morning of running at a race that continues to be a hidden gem sort of race. The price of the race is one of the most reasonable ones you will find and every runner gets a pair of running gloves and then a post-race feast of clam chowder and clam fritters which pair nicely with a cold pint of brew.

The race is just shy of a five mile course with the official mileage coming in at 4.87 miles. The course can be classified as being moderately challenging with some really nice hills mixed into the route. The course takes runners along some nice beach-front roads along with some residential neighborhoods free of significant traffic since the town of Bourne is a bit more sleepy than it would be in the middle of summer.

Proceeds from the Weary Traveler Road Race benefit both the children’s burn unit at Shriner’s Hospital in Boston and the Bourne Conservation Trust.

I finished the Weary Traveler Road Race with a time of 41:47, good for 8:35/miles.


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