MAFOP Lodge #28 Frozen Five Miler


Kicking off the New Year right, it was off to Norton, Massachusetts on New Year’s Day for the MAFOP Lodge #28 5th Annual Frozen Five Miler. Kicking off bright and early at 9AM it was time for runners to shake off the New Year’s Eve cobwebs and to toe the starting line for a five mile race that features a great course, a nice post-race meal and serves as one of the finest New Year’s Day races you can find.

The course had a good sheen of some black ice along the route due to some heavy rains and cold, winter temperatures the night before which added a nice additional element for runners to contend with at certain spots along the course. The course overall seems to climb more than it has any downhill spots and serves as a really nice, challenging race to start the year off with.

I finished the MAFOP Lodge #28 5th Annual Frozen Five Miler with a time of 42:10, good for 8:26/miles. I felt strong on the course and was pleased overall with this time given I have been dealing with some plantar fascitis issues causing me to seek the assistance of physical therapy recently. Keep on fighting through and keep on running!

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