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Franklin Turkey Trot 5K


Before the onset of pumpkin pie and a recliner in front of the television, it always seems like a pretty good idea to get a run in on Thanksgiving morning. Just like a base can neutralize an acid, a healthy helping of stuffing and mashed potatoes can also be neutralized by tackling a road race prior to the gorge-fest.

Yesterday morning we loaded up the SUV with the kids and babysitter in tow for an early 8AM kickoff at the Franklin Turkey Trot 5K in Franklin, Massachusetts. All proceeds from this race benefits the Franklin Food Pantry and in addition to the hundreds of cans of food that were donated at the race the race raised over $16k in donations for the Franklin Food Pantry.

The race kicked off at the Church of Latter Day Saints parking lot and headed down one of the most glorious downhill starts you can find in a 5K road race. As the legs were kicking quickly down the hill all of a sudden the thought about how terrible of an uphill that hill must be which then led to the realization that running back up the hill was a very real possibility.

The course took runners through a residential neighborhood that included a nice hill mixed into the course and a water stop around the two mile marker.

As I made my way back toward the main road the realization of having to tackle the same glorious downhill start as an aggressive uphill finish came true. As awesome as the downhill start was the uphill finish was equally intense and really burned up the legs on the uphill stretch. At the crest of the hill a quick turn into the finish line brought the end of the race to a close.

The Franklin Turkey Trot 5K was an absolutely great race and is one that runners should definitely consider for future Thanksgiving mornings. I finished the Franklin Turkey Trot with  time of 25:54, good for 8:21/miles. And yes, after tackling that beast of an uphill finish that piece of pumpkin pie tasted even better!



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