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2016 Guard Oil 5K Turkey Trot


On Sunday morning it was off to the coastal community of Marion, Massachusetts for the 2016 Guard Oil Turkey Trot 5K. Located with a start and finish on the grounds of the prestigious Tabor Academy overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the race time temperatures were cool and overcast and the chill of the air could certainly be felt prior to heading out onto the course.

Sponsored by the Marion Recreation Department, the race features a relatively flat course that takes runners around the neighborhood circling Tabor Academy on residential roads and through the quaint downtown Marion section of town complete with historic churches, a general store, a small restaurant and houses that overlook the ocean. Running past a croquet field and tennis courts added to the idyllic charm of the neighborhood and certainly this spot must be prime real estate in the summer months.

Fortunately, my knee issue seems to be much better as it didn’t hurt too bad during this race but instead I seemed to be slowed a bit due to having given blood the day before the race. I couldn’t get much energy flowing but maintained a nice, paced run throughout the race. If it’s not one thing it’s another it seems. I finished the 2016 Guard Oil Turkey Trot 5K with a time of 26:52, good for 8:38/miles. Not a bad overall result, just not my best.

Anyone running a turkey trot Thanksgiving morning? Which one are you doing?


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