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Black Goose Half-Marathon


Last Sunday was The Black Goose Half-Marathon which was an absolutely perfect day to hit the pavement and tackle 13.1 miles. Two weeks prior to the race I tweaked my knee pretty good playing soccer but still felt up to running the half-marathon and logging some miles on the legs.

The race kicked off in Seekonk and took runners through several towns in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The course was a very nice stretch of roads and the fall air and leaves changing colors made this race a great fall race. One section of the race took runners through streets with golf-course themed names and this loop was probably the highlight of the race for sure. Relative to elevation, the race had a couple of good hills mixed into the race and the final mile and a half had a nice climb mixed in.

Mrs. Running Griffin and I ran through the first eight miles and then I took off on my own as my knee felt a little better as each mile passed. I was able to pick up the pace in the final five miles and after the race the knee felt actually much better. Perhaps I was being too cautious but after already having had one knee surgery I don’t think there can be such a thing.

I finished the Black Goose Half-Marathon with a time of 2:25:05, good for 11:05/miles. The pace I ran this race at was to keep both legs moving and to cross the finish line and the goal was achieved. I look forward to racing the Black Goose Half-Marathon again someday and you should look to run it, too! Awesome course, reasonably priced and an all-around great time!

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