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Game Day Chase 5K in South Bend, IN


Last weekend my brother, father and made our way to South Bend, Indiana to catch the Notre Dame vs. Michigan State football game. Growing up in an Irish Catholic household, so many Saturdays were spent at my grandparents house with a Notre Dame football game on the television and growing up in the movie Rudy generation sort of carved a special affinity for Notre Dame football and making our way to South Bend and watching a game there was nothing short of amazing.

The morning of the game, I noticed that there was a road race called the Game Day Chase that kicked off directly near campus and immediately in front of the apartment where we were staying. Though the morning brought some ferocious rains as I made my way over to register for the race, the rain actually broke just prior to the 5K kicking off and made for some nice running conditions.

The race took runners away from the Notre Dame campus and into some neighborhoods within South Bend. A great stretch of the race was on the East Bank Trail which hugged the St. Joseph River and made for some nice scenery along the race route. The course was overall hilly and a couple of rolling hills kept the legs honest during the run. There were ample volunteers and police officers patrolling the course and assisting runners at each turn.

As you made your way into the finish line, runners were greeted by the Notre Dame mascot and Notre Dame cheerleaders adding a sort of pre-football game feel to the race. A band played live music after the race while runners had post-race food and listened to the results being announced.

I finished the Game Day Chase 5K with a time of 24:05, good for 7:46/miles. The road race was a nice complement to an amazing trip and added to the overall charm of the entire long weekend trip.

Proceeds from the race benefitted the Kelly Cares Foundation. The Kelly Cares Foundation was established by Notre Dame head coach Brian and Paqui Kelly family to support organizations, initiatives and programs that closely align with the goals and values of the Kelly family. A strong emphasis has been made on three main pillars: Health, Education, and Community.

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