Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K Road Race to Cure ALS


It was an 8:30 AM race time kickoff this morning for the Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K Road Race to Cure ALS. For anyone from the Greater Boston area, the last name Timlin is a familiar one as Mike Timlin pitched several years for the Boston Red Sox and his family now organizes this annual race which raises funds to help find a cure for ALS. The race is held in memory of Sharon Timlin, Mike Timlin’s mother, who passed away from ALS.

The mission of this race is to raise public awareness regarding ALS and, more important, to finance critical research being conducted at the Cecil B. Day Laboratory for Neuromuscular Research at University of Massachusetts Hospital, under the direction of world renowned ALS expert Dr. Robert H. Brown. The Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K Race and Family Fun Day to Cure ALS is a major ALS fundraiser with over 2,500 participants and with this year’s event the race has raised $1.5 million to find a cure for ALS.

Today, I raced with my favorite four year old in tow and we took the running stroller out onto the course. Because I believe in runner ettiquete, we started at the back of the starting line packed with more than 1500 runners and made our way into the course. Thankfully the race was chip timed which helped ensure an accurate starting time.

The course is an absolutely perfect 5K course with some very nice stretches in the course that are through residential neighborhoods and through a school complex in Hopkinton. The first mile is a gradual downhill and the second mile has a slight incline but the course runs nice and fast and thankfully there are some nice, shady sections mixed into the course perfect for a warmer, sunny day like today.

My running buddy in the stroller helped lean into the turns and we made up some good time winding through the crows and finished with a time of 27:05, good for 8:43/minutes.

Special proud dad moment on Father’s Day weekend as my oldest daughter, 8 years old, completed her first 5K at the race today. She and Mrs. Running Griffin ran together the entire race and she finished with a very respectable time of 35:20, or 11:22/miles. I better keep on training as there is no doubt this kid will be blazing past me in a few years!

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