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Norwood Run for a Vet 5 Miler


Spring came roaring in like a lion on Saturday as runners made their way to Norwood, Massachusetts for the Run for a Vet 5 Miler. The race served as a Grand Prix race for the Thirsty Irish Runners so a sea of the TIR green huddled amongst the runners gathered at the starting line.

The race kicked off at Norwood High School therefore the immediate concern of running up the Nichols Street hill, known by runners who run the Norwood Turkey Trot, was quickly allayed when the race director announced that the course would take runners down the hill but would loop through different sections of Norwood and Westwood and leave out the hill in the final stretch.

New England spring can always be rather unpredictable and Saturday brought one of the warmer days of spring to the region. The course was a nice, challenging course that even without the Nichols hill included some rather noticeable inclines along the way. Leading into the final mile there was a hill that although it was not the Nichols Street hill was still a significant incline that challenged runners particularly with the heat.

I finished the Norwood Run for a Vet 5 Miler with a time of 42:11, good for 8:27/miles.

Proceeds from the race benefited several veterans based charities and a special presentation was made to the mother of fallen soldier Alexander Arredondo in honor of the ultimate sacrifice he made protecting our freedoms. A beautiful ceremony and a great race!

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