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Running Through Brrrrrockton


Nothing can be more challenging than the variability of winter time running in New England. The weather the past couple weeks has been rather fickle with some warm days mixed with some brutally chilling days. On Sunday, the arctic air swept into the New England area as I made my way over to Brockton, Massachusetts for the Paddy Kelly Road Race.

The Paddy Kelly is a 5 mile road race organized by the Colonial Road Runners that takes runners on a scenic run through DW Field Park. Due to the adverse conditions of -4 degrees at the starting line (that’s without the windchill), the race directors changed the course slightly to a 4.5 mile race. The race was part of the Grand Prix series for the Thirsty Irish Runners club but due to the rough, below-freezing temperatures no one had to meet their pace goals; just finish.

At the starting line there was a mixture of wanting to bolt into the course just to get it over with coupled with a feeling similar to how the Michelin tire man must feel given all the added layers of clothing not typical of going out for a run. Extra socks, two pairs of gloves, about five shirts. Needless to say, I was feeling bulky.But I was not alone as when the weather takes such a turn for the worse the important thing is to stay safe first and foremost.

I ran with Mrs. Running Griffin for the first mile to make sure neither of us would regret carrying on through the freezing temperatures and it was Valentine’s Day so what better way than celebrate than to run with your favorite running partner?

All runners that started the Paddy Kelly finished the race even with the sub-zero temperatures; a true testament to the hearty nature of New England runners for sure!


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