Order Your Paceband Today!


With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to purchase a Paceband for the runner on your shopping list. These hugely helpful bands help runners track their pace against a predefined desired finish time and currently come in both marathon and half-marathon distance with paces varied for runners of all paces. Paceband is endorsed by star American marathoner Ryan Hall!

Pacebands are patent-pending silicone bands that runners of all levels can wear on their wrists to make sure they stay on pace during their race.

The bands include a target finish time for each distance (marathon, half marathon, etc.) and individual splits for each distance marker so athletes know what their cumulative time should be when they reach a certain number of miles or kilometers.

I have been training with the green half-marathon pace band and it is a useful tool to assist in pacing yourself while training. In a race, the Paceband will allow me to match my running pace as with the time on the band and the time on the mileage clock. The Paceband itself is lightweight and does not irritate the wrist in the slightest.

To order your Paceband or to order one for the runner you are holiday shopping for, please click here.

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