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The Bad Idea That Keeps Getting Worse


Ventured down to Providence, Rhode Island yesterday for my second ever Dog & Grog Jog hosted by the Wild Colonial Tavern. This race is not like many others and focuses more on merriment than running but boy oh boy is this a good time.

The race is a four person relay run where each runner hits the downtown Providence roads for a 1.25 mile loop along the canal. Once done sprinting or jogging your leg you then need to eat a hot dog and down a Narragansett beer before your next teammate can go. Our team was Proud to be Americans and we donned some good gear inclusive of hunting camo Budweiser hats, a Donald Trump Make America Great Again hat and shirts that read “Running this shit since 1776.”

The run itself is pancake flat and goes by rather quickly. As you make your way into the chute to grab your Saugy and a Gansett, you need to first try to catch your breath before tackling the food and beer challenge. Bystanders yell at you telling you how you should eat it or give you tips for maximizing consumption potential but in reality you just need to focus on not tossing your cookies and finishing everything as quickly as possible. A couple teams succumbed to the violent puking potential which always gets bystanders to get a fired up “Booooooo” going.

Outfits range from the normal racing attire to a team of dudes in speedos, to naughty elves, Disney princesses, a guy that looked exactly like Erlich from Silicon Valley (though we are not sure if that’s what he was going for) to bar flies and more! The event is an absolute blast of a time and with the Patriots game on right after the race it makes for a great afternoon down in Rhode Island. Proceeds from the event benefit the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.


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