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7th Annual Bernie’s Run


On Sunday, it was a late morning kick-off at 11:30 AM for the 7th Annual Bernie’s Run. The Dedham Education Foundation (DEF) and The Village Manor once again teamed up to host the 7th Annual Bernie’s Run. The race is a great opportunity to walk or run the 3-mile route, participate in a fun community event attended by hundreds each year, and to provide much-needed support to Dedham’s schools. The race was a Grand Prix race for the Thirsty Irish Runners this yea and amongst the sea of green runners there were hundreds of other runners, many of them quite fast!

The race course is a quick 3 mile route that takes runners first away from The Village Manor and into an industrial park for the first mile. After that, runners pass by The Village Manor and then head into the residential neighborhood surrounding the local pub. A quick hill is in the second mile and neighbors along the route come out of their homes and cheer runners along.

The race finishes up back at The Village Manor for a nice block party complete with food, beer, a massage tent and a DJ. The race is very well organized and results are posted minutes post-race alongside the outdoor wall of the pub.

I finished Bernie’s Run with a time of 22:00, good for 7:20/miles. After having run 8.5 mils earlier that morning, a result I am quite pleased with!

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