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Country Heals 5 Miler: Running for Cailin


On Sunday, we packed up the SUV and took the kids and babysitter down to Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, Massachusetts so we could take part in the Country Heals 5 Miler. Though it was a crisp 34 degrees when we left home, by the time the race kicked off the sun helped warm up the fall air and made for a beautiful run through the State Park on some great paths that featured a good mix of flat stretches and both up and downhill sections. On the race course, country musicians were mixed into the course and played tunes as runners made their way by.

Many of my readers know about our personal connection to Tufts Medical Center and The Floating Hospital for Children. Beth Ann was admitted to Tufts Medical Center when she was 25 weeks pregnant with severe preeclampsia. After spending 7 weeks in the hospital with my 3 year old daughter Caroline and I at home, Beth Ann ended up delivering our daughter Cailin at 33 weeks. Cailin weighed 2 pounds 13 ounces and required the services and amazing care of the NICU at Floating Hospital. Cailin then spent 5 weeks in the NICU until she beefed up to 4 pounds. Without the dedicated doctors and nurses at Tufts Medical Center and The Floating Hospital for Children our family could look quite different today and ever since this experience we have looked for ways to give back including running the Boston Marathon and this race.

My parents joined us in Hingham today and took part in the 3 mile walk. The kids were able to hang with the babysitter and hit up the bouncy obstacle course, obtained balloon animals and were able to snack free samples that were being handed out.

At the end of the race, runners were able to enjoy a huge cookout and live country music including the up-and-coming country artist Chase Bryant and other acts. With the sun shining down, it made for a great event and a boatload of money was raised for Tufts Medical Center and The Floating Hospital for Children!

The timing may have been a little bit off for some runners but my official time was 39:46, good for 7:57/miles in the five mile race.

This is definitely a race that we will be back at in future years either as a runner or as a volunteer. If you’d like to make a post-race donation to Mrs. Running Griffin’s page, please feel free to do so by clicking here.

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