Roadnoise Vest: Sound Running and Riding


The Running Griffin is proud to support the Kickstarter campaign for the Roadnoise Vest.

A few years ago on an overnight relay the founders of the Roadnoise Vest were participating that banned the use of in-ear headphone/earbuds and allowed only devices with speakers that sit below your neck. Runners on the team came up with jerry-rigged solutions like speakers attached to shirts & jog bras. Combined with safety vests they added additional components, batteries, weight, wires and hassle.

This led to the development of Roadnoise. When they tested their first model they were hoping to find a solution to a specific race issue. What they discovered was an entirely new and pleasant way to enjoy our runs, day or night. With integrated speakers right below your ears you have the sound you want without eliminating the sounds around you.

  • Does not block surrounding sounds, allowing you to be more aware of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Comfortable, with nothing in your ears. No dangling cords to interfere with your movement or pull on your ears.

To learn more about the Roadnoise Vest and for information on how you can support the Kickstarter campaign and land your own Roadnoise Vest, please click here.

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