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10 Miles on the Lexington Battle Road

Thanks to my buddy Fitzy for meeting me on the Lexington Battle Road for a 10 miler yesterday morning. The Lexington Battle Road is a historic site situated within the Minute Man National Historic Park which is a beautiful expanse of paths winding along and makes for some dynamite running.

We met up at the Hartwell Tavern parking lot in Lincoln and started off on the Battle Road for 10 miles. Fortunately we started at 8 AM and there is nice shade cover for a good chunk of the run which helped keep the way moderately cool. Hartwell Tavern is a restored 18th century home and tavern. It sits on a beautifully restored section of the actual “Battle Road.” It was here at the time of the battle on April 19, 1775 and is what we call a witness house.

As you run through the Battle Trail, remnants of the American Revolution inclusive of properties, grave markers and more keep you interested as you make your ten mile journey along the Battle Road.

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